Culture Control

by Minority Threat

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krotix Ohio hardcore punk, straight ahead music and personal /political lyrics that scorch. I can only imagine having to deal with Midwestern right wingers. Favorite track: Scum.
Jo Jordan
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Jo Jordan An all-black hardcore band that débuts a strong, original voice while staying true to the good, old-school HC formula. Calling out white supremacy, internalized oppression, patriarchal scene violence, addiction and the genocidal police, this is a classic ep in terms of form and content. I heard 'em scream "Like B.I.G I'm having suicidal thoughts...", and almost wept at music like this that is NOT afraid to be Black... Favorite track: Whitewashed.
colin mahns
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colin mahns Music and lyrics are absolutely cutting. Love the lyrics in Protect and Serve, perfectly matches the music Favorite track: Who.
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released September 29, 2015



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Minority Threat Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Protect and Serve
You say you only kill when you fear for your life
But you don't even know what true fear is like
Black kids lay in the street
But you say you want to keep the peace?
Treating victims worse than murderers
And you say you're here to protect and serve

They control our cities
Domestic terrorist with a badge
Abusing your power through intimidation
Do you feel like a man?
You make me fucking sick
Track Name: Leech
You have no passion
You have no worth
You leech off others
To pretend you're something more

You are nothing but leeches
Draining from the host
Taking pieces from other people
You will never be more
Track Name: Scum
No one wants to hear what you say
You prey on women and think it's okay
You treat them all like trophies
You are the scum of the Earth.

You predatory fuck, you think this is okay
One day someone's going to put you in your place
Track Name: Whitewashed
Like B.I.G., I'm having suicidal thoughts
Cause this world keeps bringing us down
But we won't flow with the flock
You try to whitewash our culture that helped build this shit
Hundreds of years of chains
This is "the land of the free"
As long as your skin is white
Or your pockets are green.

You want to take our culture, but can't accept our skin
Demolishing the "ghettos" to make hip places for the rich to live

Whitewashed America, you whitewashed it all
You want to steal our culture, but you can never steal our soul
Track Name: Pay to Live
They want to control the things that you say
When you can say them and what it all means
They want to control the things that you do
And how we need to do it, don't step on their shoes

Cash rules everything around us
Pay to live, Pay to die

Uncle Sam knows best, don't you question that
Work to the bone to make millions for the few
This is not your America, you don't own shit.
Track Name: Pit Hero
You flex your muscles
But not your intellect
Narrow mind, broad arms
The alpha of the pit
Preying on the weak to laugh with your friends
Not going to the show for fun,
But a contest of who's the biggest dick.
Alpha never has no fun
King of the Pit
Alpha hurts everyone
Alpha never has no fun
Don't you know you have nothing to prove?
No one gives a shit about your mosh moves.
Pit Hero!
Track Name: Who
Who told you that your nose is wide?
And who told you that your lips are big?
Who told you that your hair is nappy?
Who told you?

Fuck what they told you
This life wants you to know you lose
You are not their standard of beauty
From magazine to movies, this place wasn't built for us
They want you to be disgusted
But fuck them, and fuck their standards

Who told you that you talk white?
And who told you that you can't be yourself?
Mind control through culture control